Thursday, April 9, 2020

Survivor Diet Day 5 | A Friend and a Fish - Striped Bass Catch #Survivor

Survivor Diet Day 4 | Let the Rains Begin - wild edible salad #survivor @survivorcbs

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Survivor Diet Day 3 | Good Friday Morning - trout fishing #Survivor

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Day 44 - Sleeping In and Missing Out

Uhg.  Poker night means a LATE night out.  I didn't get home until 2:30am.  Fortunately the weather forecast was for continued rain throughout the night and most of the day.  Unfortunately the weather forecast was so ridiculously wrong and I slept right through my softball game.  I had assumed that the game would be cancelled due to rain but it wasn't.  I was out cold though.  No way I would have been good shape to play.

Day 43 - The First of the Fluke

I really miss pancakes.  Seems an odd thing to say.  I do though.  This morning Jamie got up to go to work and she asked if I would make her some pancakes.  No problem.  I make a pretty awesome stack of banana pancakes.  Extra eggs, lots of bananas, a bit of honey, some Bisquick, and milk.  I must also say that I couldn't resist having a few.  It's been so long and I felt comfortable having a few small pancakes for breakfast.  They were mostly eggs and bananas so what real harm could come?  I certainly didn't gorge myself on pancakes.  If it's one thing that I think I'm learning - it's moderation.  Slowly but surely I'm figuring out how to stop eating when I don't feel hungry any longer.  I don't have to finish everything on my plate.  I can always save food for the next meal.  If I can keep just that one thing going then I will be in much better shape - no matter what the food.

Day 42 - Fishing Not Catching

Before work today I went to check the killie traps across the street.  My neighbors were nice enough to let me put my traps on their dock which is very convenient for me.  In the past my killies and traps have been stolen when I have left them in public places.  I think this will solve that problem.  I have three traps total and one of them I closed up the entrance and exits so I can use it as a culling and holding pen for the large ones.  So far I have accumulated a good number of large killies - perfect fluke bait.