Changes in Health during the SDC

Health Summary for 2013 SDC:

I lost a total of 22 pounds! I successfully lowered my high blood pressure from a high of 142/95 to a perfectly normal 118/78 (average). I exercised three days per week and have a good physical rehabilitation plan in place. I virtually stopped a terrible snoring habit all together. I conquered the ever dreadful migraine headache.

As far as my extremely high cholesterol numbers -

                                       Normal Range           Before SDC                 After SDC
Cholesterol, Total              100-199                      334                                258
Triglycerides                        0-149                        364                                 83
HDL Cholesterol                  >39                           36                                   51
LDL Cholesterol                  0-99                          225                                190

Are my numbers perfect? No - but for such a change to happen in 40 days is quite a remarkable achievement. My doctor was AMAZED.  At the beginning she was ready to put me on a lifetime regimen of cholesterol lowering medication.  After seeing the results at the end she basically said to keep on doing whatever it is you have been doing. 

This is both good and bad.  It's good because I don't need medication to control BP or Cholesterol.  I know that.  It's bad because my doctor SHOULD have been jumping for joy and praising my amazing efforts and writing down every word I said about how I went about accomplishing such an achievement.  She was impressed for sure - but not to the extent that she would use this knowledge to try to help other patients - despite the fact that she now sees what can happen when someone makes a severe change in their nutritional habits.  The doctors just don't SEE it!  For some reason they are blinded by their education and training and experience so much that they are unwilling to consider and alternate approach as a solution to the health problems of our society today. 


  1. Incredible quest there. What happened after? Good luck! gmail login email

    1. After? Well, I continue to do the SDC once per year for 40 days. To say the least, it is difficult to stay on such a path for much longer. But, each year that I do it, I like to think that I improve my overall eating habits during the rest of the year. Change comes slowly.

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