Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 40 AD - Exercise is for LOSERS!

Uuugh!  The exercise program didn't last more than a day.  What a joke.  Ab ripper X???  How about Ab ripper suX!  I can't say that I knew it wouldn't happen.  The good news is that I put myself on the scale today and weighed 174 pounds!  I haven't gained much, if any back at all.  Not that I was doing this for weight loss - but it's just interesting to know.  For the past 40 days I have simply altered my eating habits.  I didn't "eat local" either - like I had previously suggested.  I just don't gorge myself at meal time and that seems to do the trick.  And sweating off a couple pounds on the tennis court every now and then doesn't hurt either.

2 days after the Survivor Diet Challenge ended, Ty and I finally did get our bunny rabbit!  It wasn't by our own hand though - or by the wrist rocket either.  Pogie, our cat caught it in the back yard and before we could save the little bugger it was dead.  Fresh kill though - so I skinned it and seasoned it and tossed it on the grill.  Tastes like chicken.

Just thought I'd drop in on Day 40 AD and give a little post survivor diet report.  Fishing continues to be good. . .

It's time for some amazing sushi!

"Man is the only animal who can remain on friendly terms with the animal he intends to eat up until the point he actually eats it."

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