Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 1 - The Dawn of a New Challenge

I'd like to say the 2012 SDC started out with a bang - but it was more like a blaaahck.  It was a dreary drippy day - quite the contrast from just three days ago when it was almost 90 degrees (in April!)  Although I knew the start date was rapidly approaching, I have not done much, if any, preparation this year.  Oh - besides getting FAT again this winter! Does that count?  I suppose I have to do that in order to even have a Survivor Diet - so job well done.  Kicking off SDC at a nicely round 200 pounds.

 I'd like to say "Welcome Back" to any/all of my followers and like-ers from blogger and facebook and a Howdy-do to anyone new.  It will take a few days to get into a rhythm with the blog and web stuff.  I eliminated the radio program (from 2011) because there just didn't seen to be that much interest.  Those past shows should still be available from the sidebar link but I'm not planning on doing the weekly updates like that this time.
I had a problem with YouTube last year and after going back and forth a bit I found out that they deleted my old Survivor Diet account and as a result a lot of the videos that I posted last year are gone for good.  I re-established a YouTube channel under the name TheSurvivorDiet. Hopefully I will be able to publish little video clips there - directly from my phone.  Isn't technology great.
So that's the plan this year - I'll post a daily report here, link it to Facebook's Survivor Diet page and occasionally post some videos.

Ok - down to business.  Day 1 was a food finding disaster.  I am so lucky that Debbie has maintained and groomed the garden from last year and lucky that our mild winter didn't kill off all of the greens.  I managed to scavenge some kale and collard greens and flowers from the garden and I steamed them up.  I also had held over a small bag of sea salt that I made last year.  The whole menu today was a half cup of brown rice, some steamed greens and water.

I made a half hearted attempt at catching a trout in a local pond (failure) as well as a striped bass off the beach (failure).  It was too dreary out to get inspired to dig for clams.
The worst part about it is the fact that I did not prepare for anything for the next couple of days.  It seems as if I may need to step up my game a bit here.  Huh?  Should make for an interesting start.  Or maybe this whole Survivor Diet thing I do is just a big mistake?  Tough to tell. 

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

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