Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 4 - Surviving the Work Day

While at work today I got my pre-survivor diet blood test results back.  A nurse phoned me and asked me to make an appointment to see the doctor to review my cholesterol numbers.  Apparently they were quite high.  She told me the LDL was 236 anf the total cholesterol was 340.  I am going to look that up soon to see how 'off the charts' those numbers are.

I also did a blood pressure check
at work and it was still high: 141/95 (120/80 is considered normal bp).  While these numbers are high enough to prompt a doctor to prescribe medication, I am determined to regulate them through the detox process and healthy eating.  I scheduled an appointment with the doctor for May 29th - a couple days before the end of the Survivor Diet.

I was eager to get some protein after work so as soon as I got home I steamed several small clams and also cooked some of the cleaned clam bodies in a frying pan.  When you don't have any oil or seasoning it is difficult to cook things and make them tasty.  The clams in the pan got a little caramelized and this added a bit of flavor.  They were chewy but not bad.  And the steamed clams were very tasty - a bit chewy again - but not bad at all.  I have about one or two meals left of small steamed clams and then the rest of the clams are really large.  I was thinking about using some clams for bait for striped bass.  Perhaps I will try the next time I go out on the boat.

I had about an hour window of time to fish from the land but once again I failed to produce a fish.  I took about 100 casts with a popper and although the conditions looked great - no joy.  Friday after work I am going out with Dad to see if we can make something happen.  As long as the weather cooperates, I think we will have a really good shot in the river.

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