Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Dawn of a New Survivor Diet Challenge

The winter has not been kind.  We had a storm of the century (Hurricane Sandy) and it really took its toll on the area.  As people rebuild their lives and their homes a feeling of "normalness" is just starting to creep back in.  It will be interesting to see how the devastation of the storm has affected the natural ecosystem.

It was also a somewhat lazy winter - what else is new?  I have put on the winter weight to the tune of about 25 extra pounds.  Yikes!  Spring has sprung and once again it is time to purge the toxins of a polluted lifestyle.  I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm this year and some plans for a variety of new adventures in survival.  Every year is a building block of new experiences and I'm sure this year will prove to be no different.

I have made some changes to the Official Rules and Guidelines as well as the Weekly Rewards.  Check them out when you have the time.  I have also slightly changed the format of this blog - pretty cool looking huh?  Learning from previous seasons, I pushed the timetable of the SDC back by about 2-3 weeks in order to let more crops grow and more seafood to migrate into the area.  The downfall is that clamming season ends at the end of April and this will be somewhat limiting.  The official start date this year is April 22nd and it will continue through May 31st (40 days).  I purposely started on a Monday and with some pre-planning, I will use the weekend prior to acquire some supplies for the initial week.  I thought about starting on Saturday but in the end I decided on Monday.  Whatever.

I have a plan to make a compilation of videos this year in the form of a documentary.  So if this blog is not updated daily it probably means that I am working on some video footage.  Following in the footsteps of people like Les Stroud - Survivorman, Bear Grylls - Man vs Wild, and Cody Lundin & Joe - Dual Survival, I hope to do justice to the suburban survival game.  Hey, not a bad idea for a new title - Suburban Survival Diet.  What do you think?

Well, whatever we call it, it's not just a diet.  It's a lifestyle and an adventure.  It's fun and exciting.  It will discipline and challenge you and teach you about things you didn't even know you didn't know.

Join me as I take on the 2013 Survivor Diet Challenge!

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