Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 36 - Food for Thought

Nothing planned for this weekend but the weather also has me a bit grounded. The forecast is for drippy, cold and dreary for a few days.

Day 35 - Eggcellet Surprise

Weight 182
BP update: 142/98

BP doesn't seem to be responding very well this year to the SDC.  Perhaps it's because I need to get a little more of my primitive side going.  I've been doing more of an "Urban Survivor Diet" up to this point - more like a scavenger and less like a hunter gatherer.

Day 34 - Clam Testing

Weight 182 - no significant negative effects from binge eating free food yesterday.

Asparagus for lunch
Asparagus for dinner
picked on the chicken scraps and garbage that the kids were about to toss to the dog.  Now that's surviving!

Day 33 - Fishing - Not Catching (and Cheating)

Up early (6am) for chartered striped bass fishing trip with Dr Gutentag on the party boat Mi Jo.

Day 32 - Tuesday

Weight - hovering around 182 give or take a pound.

I have no idea what happened Tuesday as it is Thursday now that I write this.
I would guess a big batch of sauteed asparagus for breakfast and another batch for dinner.

Day 31 - Monday Scavenging

Back to work today.

Brought some rice and scraps of Jamie's sushi from dinner last night.  Had the rice for breakfast.
Lunch was a few bites left from the omelet Debbie took home from KW Sunday.

Day 30 - Sunday Scavenging

After a small breakfast of asparagus and water, I played a softball game against the Monmouth Beach Fire Company.  After the game, they had a cookout at the fire house and it just so happens that they roasted a pig the night before in a caja china box.  There were some pig scrap leftovers that were going to be thrown away so I took full advantage and threw them on the grill for a nice meaty lunch.  I also scavenged a couple of Miller Lites - they weren't going to be thrown out but they were free.

Day 29 - Saturday Scavenging

This morning (Saturday) I took Jamie and Simi to the Kitchen Witch for breakfast and despite not ordering any food, I had plenty in the form of leftovers that would have gone in the trash.  On a positive note, the restaurant was hiring bus people and we talked to the manager and got Jamie a summer job right on the spot!  She was very excited.  It's not great work but for a 15 year old, any extra money is awesome.

Day 28 - Four Weeks In

Weight: 183.4

I didn't take any photos today - sorry.  Here's a quick summary.  I made some scrambled eggs with asparagus for breakfast.  I took Jamie out to lunch for sushi and ate her leftovers (not much).

Day 27 - Mangrove Snapper Dinner

Back to work today.  I took advantage of an odd situation at lunchtime.  The office building across the street was having a vendor sponsored cook out and they were giving away free hotdogs and hamburgers and sausage sandwiches.  I grabbed a sausage sandwich and justified it by using the 'free sample' clause of my weekly rewards.  Surviving isn't always doing it yourself.  In the city, sometimes scavenging what's available is also a good way to survive.

Day 26 - Fishing Failures

Today I got up at 5:30 am to try a little striped bass fishing in the Raritan Bay.  This means trolling - and I hate trolling.  Unless it results in catching a lot of really big fish.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 25 - Fresh Fish From Florida!

Still catching up on posts so all I have for today is that I had lobster scrambled eggs for breakfast - and it was sooooo good!

Day 24 - Back to the grind

Weight 183.8

With all of the activity and eating and drinking I've done over the past few days on my mini vacation, I've only added about 2 pounds!  That's amazing.  Actually, I'm pretty amazing because I didn't stray too far off the SDC and believe me, I was tempted to many times.  But when you continue to eat fresh, local foods in moderation and stay away from the crap, it's not that difficult.

Day 23 - Sunday Sleeping and Sushi

I woke up this morning to find myself in a La Quinta Inn in Clifton, NJ along route 3.  At least I was fully dressed, without a hangover and both kidneys in tact.  The first sentence of this entry usually follows with some horror story.  Not today.

Day 22 - Going, Going, Going 24 Hours Straight

It has been really hard to play catch up on these blog entries.  I'm going to do the best I can but I might skip a few days here and there.  Cut me some slack already! Ha.

Day 21 - Islamorada

As planned, dad and I began today with a trip to the Marriott breakfast buffet.  We had to get up a little early - around 7 - but it was fairly easy and we had a pretty restful sleep after such a busy day.  I had some fruit and some other typical buffet items but nothing too crazy.  Moderation and thoughtful planning are the keys to success. I brought my leftover fish from last night's dinner and made up about four delicious fish sandwiches and also spread some mango chutney on them.  Over the top!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 20 - Beating the Unbeatable Day

How do you follow a day like yesterday?  Well, with a day like today I suppose...

With a 7am wake-up call at the Marriott, Dad and I looked out our balcony and could see Captain Tony rigging up his boat in preparation for this morning's fishing excursion. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Day 19 - Et tu, Brute? Et tu?

Today was a whirlwind from start to finish - and one of the best days in my life that I can recall!  Wow - how's that for an intro?

Day 18 - Tuesday Trippin

Weight 182
BP 133/88

Today is my last day of work before my mini Florida vacation (and it is a long one).  I have a lot on my mind and I'm getting excited to get out of town even if it's just for three days.

At lunch time today I went to get my bag of trail mix because I thought it would be a good food item to take with me on the plane and for healthy snacks on my trip.  I had the idea to go to Trader Joe's and buy some granola along with freeze dried dehydrated fruit - blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.  I mixed it all together in a ziploc bag and then added some MnM's to give it a little punch of sweetness and chocolate (allowed by the SDC rules - Woo Hoo!).

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day 17 - Achy Monday

Weight 181.2
BP 140/90

I was very achy and tired this morning.  It took some effort to get out of bed after all of my activity yesterday.  I didn't eat breakfast but I brought some smoked trout pieces into work for a snack before lunch.  My lunch was quite filling and delicious.  I picked off some broccoli rabe from the remaining plant in the garden and added it to some fried rice and the last of my eggs.  With a little butter and some spices I managed to turn this into quite a nice lunch.