Weekly Rewards

Throughout the Survivor Diet, the reward system will be a big help - both mentally and physically.  Having something to look forward to after each week is a big psychological boost.  After doing this for several years I have come up with a list of rewards that I believe to be appropriate for each stage of the challenge.  Your needs and desires for certain types of food and flavors will fluctuate throughout the 40 days and this list is designed to satisfy these cravings as well as to fulfill some nutritional needs.  The items will also be used in order to complement the typical foods found on the Survivor Diet. 

It is important to continue to ration any food or reward items – 40 days is a long time.  As stated in the Official Guidelines, you will only be eligible for a weekly reward by demonstrating proficiency in some type of primitive survival skill.

Weekly Rewards*
  • After WEEK 1 you will be rewarded with:
    • Butter – a pound and a half
    • Jar of Wheat-berries
    • Your kid’s garbage.
Ha!Whatever the kids would scrape off their plate and into the garbage after a meal is fair game – just get it BEFORE it goes in the can, man.  You are NOT allowed to purposely alter the kids normal meals in any way but from this point forward their trash is your treasure.
  • After WEEK 2 you will be rewarded with:
    • Jar of spices and herbs
    • Jar of “Better Than Bouillon”
Remember to ration.
  • After WEEK 3 you will be rewarded with:
    • Sushi Stuff (wasabi, soy sauce, nori)
    • Eggs – one dozen 
Well done - hopefully there are fish to eat and that means sushi time!
19 days left and 12 eggs – be smart!

*Rule exception: if approved where you live, you are allowed to get 2 live chickens at the start instead of a dozen eggs after week 3.  If you already own chickens then you are excluded from the dozen egg reward after week 3.
  • After WEEK 4 you will be rewarded with:
    • 1 big fat chocolate bar
    • Free Samples of food items wherever offered
These rewards will help curtail some of those cravings you’ve been having.
PS. This is the time to order your Week 5 reward (hint hint).
  • After WEEK 5 you will be rewarded with:
    • One meal of your choosing - ANYTHING!
Treat yourself - you deserve it for surviving 5 weeks. Maybe try making something extravagant like a suckling pig (just a thought).  The preparation and anticipation of this reward will give you a mental boost. Hang in there – almost finished!

Special Occasion Rewards

Occasionally, throughout the course of this diet you may take part in “Special Occasion” activities.  Examples of these include birthday parties, holidays, celebratory barbecues, etc. When you find yourself in these Special Occasion situations you have a choice to make.  You can stay the course and continue with your Survivor Diet, or you can choose to invoke a “Special Occasion Reward.” When you do this, you can take part in that special occasion just like a normal person but, in exchange, you must give up one of your weekly rewards.  It can be one you've already earned (except for something already eaten), or a future reward.

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