Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 21 - Marathon Day

Don't misunderstand, this was not a marathon day for the Survivor Challenge - it was the actual NJ Marathon and the route was planned to go right past our front lawn.  What a neat experience.  Thousands of runners went by from 9 am until 1pm.  It was a hot 85 degree day and these people were sweating.  We moved our sprinkler to the front lawn and pointed it into the street so the runners could go by and get a quick sprinkle of water.  They were really appreciative and overall they were very nice people. 

We were unable to go anywhere by car because the streets were all blocked off so the kids and I got on our bikes and went for a 'marathon' ride to see the finish line.  Afterward we went out to a little Italian restaurant for lunch.  The kids were hot and stuffed their sweaty little faces with cheese steaks and turkey subs while I enjoyed a bottle of water.

Before we left for our ride I had a nice plate of sashimi striped bass and a bowl of rice.  I didn't think I'd be enjoying the striped bass sahimi as much as I have been but it is actually quite good.  (Have I mentioned that already?)  I have to admit that I have been using a tiny bit of soy sauce for dipping.  Oh well - I don't feel too bad about 'bending' the rules a bit.

We also took a trip to the BEST Italian Ice place in the world - Strollo's Lighthouse.  Now this is a true test of will power for me.  The line was long and I stood their watching all of these different combinations of flavors going by.  The kids got soft ice cream.  SOFT ICE CREAM??? At the best Italian Ice place int eh world?  Come on kids!  Well, someday they will learn.  Once again I just stood by and watched and put this place on the top of my list of places to go when I am finished with this challenge.

In the afternoon I started up the smoker again to do a nice batch of striped bass strips that I had been brining and drying for the last couple of days.  It turned out well.  I didn't eat much of it because I had so much sashimi bass and rice throughout the day.  I just kept slicing off some pieces whenever I got hungry.  So easy to prepare.  I packed up the smoked bass and put it in the fridge - this will be a nice snack for whenever I need a flavor boost.

I'm doing pretty well with my rations of beans and rice so far.  I'm past the halfway point of the challenge and there is just a little more than half left of rice and beans.  Tomorrow I get to cut into that pineapple too - so things are looking up.

Dinner was more sashimi and rice and I actually made a plate up for Ty and Debbie there was so much of it.  I spent a good hour today vacuum packing striped bass pieces for freezing.  I have a lot of reserves now and what I will need to cruise to the finish line is a little variety.  I'll keep ya posted.

 The striped bass frozen reserves.

"The spirit, the will to win, the will to endure - these qualities are much more important than the actual events that occur."

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