Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 30 - Wow! 30 days so far.

I am 75% done with this challenge.  It actually goes pretty fast once you get into a groove.  I have to admit, the fantastic striped bass season (so far) has been a HUGE help.  I have not felt hungry yet.  Many times it is not hunger but just the desire for something different or sweet or savory that is difficult for me.
  My butter supply is still strong since I have been taking care to ration appropriately.  I just started my 3rd stick yesterday.  My beans and rice supply is also looking good.  I thought I was going to go through all of that very quickly but after about 20 days you start to lose the desire for the taste of rice and beans.  I would say that I still have one third left by the looks of my containers.

My weight seems to have stabilized after dropping 15 pounds in 15 days.  For the past week it has not moved more than a pound in either direction.  More importantly, my blood pressure is almost at normal levels.  That's really good.  Still need to get the diastolic down a few more notches if possible.

For breakfast today I had some striped bass sauteed in butter and a few dandelion greens.  I cooked up some more fish for lunch and mixed it with some crushed beans.  And for dinner I had (you guessed it) more striped bass.  Sashimi this time - sprinkled with some grated striped bass jerky and a side salad of violet greens that Debbie found in the yard for me.  Wow - when I write it all out like that it sounds very repetitive.  Did I mention that I need a little more variety?  Man-o-man.  Enough of the striped bass already.  Well, I am out of the sashimi quality fillets (the kids ate the last of it for dinner last night - they had 9 slices each and are really enjoying it).  What's left is in vacuum bags in the freezer.  And lots of rib sections too.

I don't have many pictures from Tuesdays because I don't really do any Survivor-like things when I am at work.  Sorry.  Happy to be over the 30 day milestone!  Keep on truckin!

"Success consists of a series of little daily efforts."

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