Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 22 - Lucky Mr Turkey

I dropped off the kids at school today and in addition to the normal resident geese that I usually see on the school grounds, there was a wild turkey.  The kids were very excited and wanted me to just go out and "get that turkey."  I told them that turkeys don't want to be gotten and it wouldn't be as easy as inviting him over for dinner.  Turkeys are really fast!  Ty wanted me to go right back home and get the wrist rocket and some marbles and take some shots at this bird.  I have to be honest, I really wanted to do the same thing.  A wild turkey would make a fantastic meal and is just the variety I have been searching for.

Well, the only things I shot were a few pictures and a cute little video - but watch it and you'll see that this turkey was one lucky turkey today!  I disappointed the kids but Debbie told me that I would have some good karma coming my way as a result.

If you haven't seen it yet, I added my Healthometer to my blog links.  It's a day to day record of my weight gain or loss and my blood pressure.  I only bring it up today because, oddly enough my weight went back up to 179 at this mornings weigh in.  This was strange to me - but good.  My goal is really for my BP to get as close to normal (120/80) as possible and I have definitely seen improvement in that since starting the challenge.  Soon I will get around to posting my photo log of my body which I have been taking each morning.  I don't see too much change but I'm starting to hear from other people that I'm losing weight.

I ate my orange for breakfast - the whole orange - skin and all.  I figured it would be nutritious even though it was quite bitter.  I made it last all morning and thoroughly enjoyed the sweetness of the orange when I got to the inside.  I carved up my pineapple very carefully and froze most of it so it would last a while.  I scraped off every bit of fruit from the skin with my teeth and didn't waste a bit.  It was perfectly sweet and ripe.  Yum.  It's been so long since I had 'sweet' flavor that I wanted to gobble the whole thing but I am going to be smart and ration it.  The lemon - don't really know what to do with that yet.

I had a couple pieces of smoked bass throughout the day and for dinner I cooked up a some fish sticks, green beans and edemame for the kids and Debbie and grilled some bass ribs for myself.  I fixed my gas grill today and now it is working again.  I think I had some spider webs in the venturi tubes so I just had to clean them out.

Lucky Clucky

That's it for today - could have had a nice roast turkey dinner!  I think it's just a matter of time. . .

"The worst thing is not to fail - but not to try."

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