Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day -1

So I am preparing mentally for 40 days that lie ahead of me. I have agreed to try this with my friend Doug because he is always so excited about it and it has definately peaked my curiosity. I have also never watched survivor, but I always love a challenge. I think that there is much to be gained from this exercize in self dicipline. I will be altering a couple of the rules slightly, as I am not the avid fisherwoman or hunter. (I am hoping to find some time in my busy schedule to learn to do both) I have a feeling I will learn to appreciate all of the delicious food that I have access to, and that I take for granted. Maybe my grocery bills will even go down after this experience. I have raided all of my cabinets to find some items to substitute for the beans and rice ration. Over the past year I have picked up so many funky grains in my gluten free efforts, but have not cooked them! I intend to use them now, a random bag of Brown Teff, some Quinoa, half a bag of brown rice, an opened but never used bag of aduki beans, half a bag of black beans, and a small bag of purple rice! I am going to add another bag of beans whenever i get to the store, and that will be it. Way to clean out my pantry! I will look forward to my pound of butter reward at the end of this week, and a spice for my rice. I am feeling like this is not going to be VERY difficult, but we shall see!!!!!!

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