Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 3 DP - Headache from hell - not a surprise

Does history always repeat itself?  I'm glad that I have last year's blog to refer to because my head is pounding right now and I think I know why.  See "The Headache" and you'll understand.  Unfortunately after reading this it may also mean that there is no relief in sight until tomorrow - hopefully.   Ugh!  Is there anything more miserable than a headache?  I really don't think so.  People who don't get them just can't understand - people that get them know exactly what I'm talking about.

I got up this morning in the fog and drizzle at 6:30 because my tide chart said it was low tide - time for some clamming.  I drove to the Navesink and as I got to the water I saw that not only was it not very low - but the tide was coming in.  Not a good start.  I put my waders on and started walking out but it quickly became too deep.  The spot that I usually go to was totally inaccessible.  My choices were to go home or to just see if there were any clams right where I was standing.  To my surprise I started digging and almost immediately found my first clam.  And then another, and another.  I had stumbled upon a nice little clam bed just about 10 meters from where I parked my truck.  I would never have tried this spot if I had arrived at the right time and tide.  Pretty lucky.  I stayed for about an hour and managed to dig up 24 nice sized clams.  It wasn't easy with my head pounding but I stuck it out enough to gather a substantial number.
These clams should stay fine in the refrigerator for about a week.  I had one raw for breakfast but when I eventually cook them I want to have some type of seasoning and butter.  No butter until Monday so I'll have to wait til then.
I gave the trout fishing a try yesterday after work for about 30 minutes but I was unsuccessful.  I have a pretty busy day planned today so hopefully that will help take my mind off my headache.  I will try some more trout fishing this afternoon in Manasquan if the weather holds.  It hasn't rained much yet but it's really cloudy and foggy and it could happen any minute.
At noon today I am officially going to broadcast my first radio show on the Survivor Diet Challenge.  That should be fun with my head pounding.  Here's the link to the radio show:
Survivor Diet Challenge Radio Show
That's all I have for now. . .

Later that day. . .
Well, the radio show was a successful initial broadcast.  It took me a while to work some of the bugs out.  I don't think anyone was listening but my nephews called in to make it "sound" like there were listeners.  I basically gave an overview of the whole concept and I was surprised that the 30 minutes went by very quickly.
My headache subsided around 3:00 pm - Yippee!  What a relief.  Maybe it was that clam I had for lunch.
We tried to catch a trout at Mac's pond for about an hour or two - NOTHING!  Not even a nibble - well, that's not entirely true - I caught a miniature catfish (threw it back).
Rice and a clam for dinner - while a pizza party was going on all around me!  Sometimes the hardest part is the will power it takes to just not eat the stuff that's right in front of my nose.

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”

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