Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 1 - What a Headache! already?

Food: Asparagus, water, brown rice, honey
Unsuccessful fishing in the river with Brad and new friend Dave Hochman (beginner spearfisherman).  The stripers shouldn’t be too far from coming up into the river.  They were here this time last year so we’ll try again around the high tides to see if we can get bit.

High tide was 8:30am at the Gooseneck Bridge.  Low tide was 2:30 in Rumson for clams.

In the afternoon I went clamming for about a half hour.  I wasn’t very motivated but knowing that there are only a few days left in the recreational clam season, I figured that I had to go and get what I could.  I may try again tomorrow if I can get my friend Peter to go and show me his technique.  I managed about 17 medium to large clams which I have in the fridge for later.

Honey?  That's right - honey.  This is the foodstuff of only the experienced Survivor Diet Challenger!  After becoming a backyard beekeeper last year I managed to harvest a sizable jar of honey for the SDC.  First time having honey.  Should be an interesting addition and fill the sweetness void that had plagued me year after year.

Toward the end of Day 1 I started getting a headache that progressively got worse and worse throughout the night.  It was one of the worst headaches I have ever had.  I had bouts of hot flashes and chills and felt nauseous several times during the night.  I tried taking a hot shower – no luck.  It wasn’t until 5:06 am that I noticed a slight relief.  But even then, it continued to linger well into the next day and even now as I write this at 12 noon on Day 2.  I feel about 80% normal with 20% dull headache.

I chalk this up to the detoxification process although, for some reason, it hit me on Day 1 which is strange.  In the past I’ve hit this wall at Day 2 or 3.  Hopefully there isn’t more to come.  I can only imagine what people must go through who have drug addictions and have to go through this process.  The DT’s.  Not fun at all.

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