Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 2 - My Pee Smells Aspara-disgusting

I slept in nursing the remaining headache from yesterday.  It really took me until about 12 noon to start feeling normal again.  Headaches of this magnitude are a real bitch and when you don't take any medication to relieve the symptoms, it takes longer to get through it.  Obviously, I will not be taking medicine during the SDC.  I would normally take Mortin for headaches.  I think there may be something beneficial here - to fight through the pain of the headache and allow the body to eventually neutralize the discomfort. 
In some ways I believe that by doing it this way, I may be teaching my body how to defend against this headache so that it can be more efficient and possible prevent future occurances of the headache.  Taking a pill or medication to combat the symptoms may be somehow hinderning these natural processes at work.  Sure, it will make the headache subside quicker with less pain but on some level it may be also causing the repeated recurrance of the headache.  This is not completely unlike other drug addictions.  The drug is taken repeatedly to fight the symptoms but over time the body starts to learn that in order to get the drug, it needs to feel a certain way.  So it produces the symptoms the get the drug.  When you finally cut off the supply chain, the body reacts by producing the symptoms to get the drug.  If you can hold out through the worst of it, your body will eventually stop craving the drug.  In some deep, twisted way I believe that the more pain that I am willing to endure during these times of stress, the better I will be in the long run after it all subsides.

In past Survivor Diets I have learned that my headaches virtually disappear after the first few days and do not come back!  I'm sure I've said this before but for some people this might be reason enough to be on some type of Survivor Diet.  Headaches are quite possibly the worst things in the world to experience because it's such a personal thing and no one else can feel your pain.  It changes your mood instantly in a negative way and makes you feel like you would do anything at that point in time just to get some relief.  Guess what - the solution isn't to take medication for it.  The solution is not to.

No fishing this morning.  I also decided not to go clamming on the afternoon low tide.  This decision could come back to hurt me in a few days.  We'll see.  I have been raiding the asparagus garden somewhat frequently but it seems like the more I take, the faster they grow.  That small crop is really amazing.  On the down side. . . Have you ever smelled your pee after eating asparagus?  Oh man.  It smells like something has gone seriously wrong in the internal piping.  I wonder if that is going to continue after having a steady diet of them?  (another food experiment in the works?)

I opened up a clam today and ate it raw.  No big deal.  I only had one though.  Didn't really feel like clams today.  I'll probably need some during the work week starting tomorrow.  Most of today was rice, asparagus, water, a clam and a little bit of honey.  I also forraged outside and had a salad of dandelions and purple violet flowers and their greens.  As far as nutrients, vitamins and minerals - dandelions are da bomb! (Did I just say da bomb?  Now you know something is seriously wrong with me.)

While hanging out in the backyard this afternoon I made a fire in the fire pit.  It wasn't a primative fire - so no survivor skills were used for this one.  But while sitting there I remembered an old tent that I had stored up in the rafters of the garage.  I pulled it out and enlisted the assistance of the Buckman boys to help put it up in the yard.  It was actually in pretty good shape for being left dormant for about five years or more.  I'm thinking about doing a little outdoor surviving this year and camping in the backyard is a good start.  I know it's not like building a shelter in the wild but we'll take baby steps and see where they lead.

It was a pretty uneventful day but all in all it felt fantastic to not have a headache.  I can't describe enough how much I appreciate that being over. 

"If you believe it to be true, then it is.  (for you)"

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