Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 5 - Food Alchemy

After cooking some hash browns and eggs for my son (Oh, it smelled so good) this morning and after taking the kids to school and running some errands - I got a bit hungry!  Go figure.  Without anything other than the same ingredients I have been using for days, I was able to concoct a nice big Crab Lunch for myself.

This was no ordinary crab as you can imagine.  How, you might ask, was I able to have a crab lunch using just 4 asparagus, one big clam and some white rice?  It's magic!  The liquor I got after baking the clam lent a perfect amount of saltiness to the asparagus.  I chopped up the clam and mixed it in with the rice and toasted it all up in a frying pan.  Voila.  Crab Lunch.

Dinner was more of the same as I sat inside and watched it rain and flood my backyard - all day long.  On a positive note, I am building a fire pit in the backyard so after all the rain stops, I have a nice little project to work on.  I have to start thinking outside the box a bit.

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