Sunday, June 3, 2018

Day 39 - Reflection and Thanks

Weight 180.8
BP 132/88

Two days left for the unofficial end of this year's SDC.  Admittedly, I have not been 'hard core' this year and I'm not exactly sure why.  I could blame it on laziness or the crappy weather or the long winter or the lack of fishing opportunities or a whole bunch of other things.  But ultimately I think that I just didn't 'need' it that much this year.  I mean that in a positive way because I entered the Survivor Diet this year already down about 10 pounds from previous years and after one week of losing weight, I was already at my weight goal.  Over the years I think that I have been learning a bit more moderation and a bit more healthy eating and healthy living because of my past Survivor Diet experiences.  It has literally taken years to get better habits to take hold and I'm still not perfect - but much improved.

The fluke and the crabs should be biting soon and the garden should be producing more variety.  The weather should be improving as we move into summer and I should also be getting more physical activity and exercise in the coming months.  Mash all that together and you get a recipe for potential success - as long as I don't stray too far.  That's the REAL challenge.

The Green that Saved the SDC!
Today I give my thanks to the amazing asparagus plant who's roots have taken firm hold in my garden.  Without ANY care, watering, mulching, weeding or additional planting, this jumbled mass of asparagus has been returning like clockwork (and greatly expanding) year after year at precisely the exact time it is needed.  It is fresh, delicious, packed with nutrients and lends itself to a very wide variety of cooking methods.

Many years ago, the Dandelion was the hero of our story.  And although there is still no equal when it come to the nutritional benefits of dandelion greens, the bitterness and unpalatable flavor has made me despise even the thought of it.  As it turns out, the asparagus crop explodes at the same time as the dandelion (maybe a week or so later) so it was an easy switch to make.  Asparagus still makes my pee stink but I'll take that as a trade off.