Sunday, June 3, 2018

Day 41 - Luvin' Some Lobsta

Weight: 181.4
BP: 192/88

Weight's good but BP is still not where I had expected it to be after 40 days of surviving.  In addition to my assignment to establish some type of work out program, I am also going to commit myself to figuring out how to get me BP and cholesterol numbers regulated without the use of prescription  pharmaceuticals.  Perhaps the two assignments are one in the same. . .

For the seafood lover in you!
Today was deserving of a celebratory meal and what could be more Survivor Worthy than a big old lobster lunch.  Kathy and I worked hard this week picking up the slack from other workers (not to be named) who decided to go on a luxurious vacation to South Carolina.  We decided to treat ourselves to Red Lobster and it was so worth it!

We gorged ourselves on lobster for a couple hours and enjoyed every last bit of meat from every last tiny crevice of these lobsters.  It was enough to satisfy my hunger for the rest of the day (and probably some tomorrow).

Speaking of tomorrow - it's opening day of fluke season!  This is where the SDC kicks into its next gear.  I don't know what the weather looks like and I do have to work most of the day - but I'm going to see if I can get out at some point and get my fluke on!  I've been stockpiling some large killies in a few traps that I placed off my neighbor's dock.  The Wonder Rig meets the Survivor Diet Challenge.  Stay tuned. . .

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