Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Day 42 - Fishing Not Catching

Before work today I went to check the killie traps across the street.  My neighbors were nice enough to let me put my traps on their dock which is very convenient for me.  In the past my killies and traps have been stolen when I have left them in public places.  I think this will solve that problem.  I have three traps total and one of them I closed up the entrance and exits so I can use it as a culling and holding pen for the large ones.  So far I have accumulated a good number of large killies - perfect fluke bait.

Work was slow and I was able to bug out early.  It was fairly crappy outside with a strong wind and a little chill in the air.  I decided to give fluke fishing a shot despite the bad weather and bad tide (very low).  Together with Debbie, Jamie and June, we headed out on the boat for a couple hours.

Fishing - not catching.
Unfortunately, the conditions were so bad that we didn't stay out very long and we didn't get any fish.  Bummer.  It's never a good idea to take a kid fishing in bad conditions.  That's why we called it quits fairly quickly.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I put the killies back into the holding pen and rebaited the other traps hoping to get some more big ones for the next time I can go.

More leftovers and scavenging and asparagus for me today.


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