Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 10 - Feeling Pretty Good

Back to work today.  It's Monday and the beginning of another Survivor Diet work week.  These are the times that I have to prepare the most.  I made a meal to take to the office and put it into the toaster oven at lunch time.  It was very good and held me over for the day.
prep work at home
cooked at work
For dinner tonight I made up a fried rice dish with the same food items.  It's getting a little monotonous but it is good for me and tastes perfectly acceptable.
My energy levels are up and I'm feeling really good lately.  I have a couple health observations to share as well.  Debbie has noticed that my snoring has completely subsided.  Not that I was a heavy, all night snorer - but when I pack on extra weight it is very obvious that I occasionally snore.  The past several days - nothing.  Headaches - non existent since that first day banger.  Another interesting thing about sleeping - I seem to be breathing better and therefore sleeping better.  I feel like there is a lot less phlegm and mucous and crusty boogers in my nose.  It may be all related.  Another think that may or may not be true is the observation that I have few grey hairs than I'm used to seeing in the mirror in the morning.  This could just be wishful thinking on my part but it does seem that way.  Perhaps I am getting younger as I progress through the Survivor Diet.  Ha!

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