Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 28 - Flukey Friday

Weight update 180.4 pounds (down 17.6 pounds overall).  Blood pressure 122/78.  Pretty good so far on the healthometer.

Ok - today I had a very pleasant surprise!  I have been talking all week about the opening day of fluke season this Saturday but stupid me - - - it turns out that it is TODAY!  Wow - good thing I am totally prepared for it with my bait and my rods and my secret spots. 

As I was going to bed last night I was checking some of the local fishing forums online and I came across several posts of people looking forward to fluke fishing Friday.  I did a double take and then checked the dates to make sure.  How cool is that?  I worked Wednesday so that I could take Friday off and it's paying off big time right now.  It would have sucked if I had to work today.

I woke up at 6 and the tide, current and weather forecast were just right for fishing in the river today.  Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to fish with but I managed quite fine on my own.  I even made a video that I hope to edit and post soon.  Overall I did very well while many other boats around me did not.  I have a great system for fluke fishing in the river and as long as I have some killies it's almost a guarantee of catching fluke.  I caught my 5 fish limit in an hour and threw back a lot more that were undersized.  Overall I must have caught about 20 fish.

When I got home my fish were still alive in my live well that I made out of a large garbage can.  I went to the store to buy a few bags of ice so that I could chill my catch before cleaning them.  I dunked the fish in a cooler with an ice water bath and will chill them for 24 hours.  It's going to be fluke, fluke and more fluke for the next week.

Jamie had her friend Corrine sleep over tonight because I offered to take them fishing in the morning.  We thought it would be fun to make some more Honey Bits candy.  I showed them the process and they were both very helpful - especially when it came to cutting and wrapping all of the individual candies.  Instead of bunching them all together like last time, we cut little squares of parchment paper and wrapped each piece.   It took some time but it was worth it.  These candies will last me a while as long as I don't gobble them all up like I did last time. 

Honey Bite - round 2
It was very late when we finished and we had to get up early for more fluke fishing in the morning.  I certainly had a full day today.  Very busy.  I am looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the long weekend.

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