Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 35 - Special Occasion Temptations

Morning health update - weight is 178.4  BP is normal at an average of 122/78.  I've been a little bit gassy.  Probably from a Peligrino water I drank at lunch the other day.  I'm very happy with my weight.  It seems to have stabilized at the high 170's and that's exactly where I hoped to be in the final week.  I will most likely put on about 5 pounds after this is over so if I can stay at or below 185 I will be happy.

I am only working until 2 today because Debbie and I have a wedding to go to this afternoon.  I was still able to take Ty out to lunch and went to the same deli as I took Jamie yesterday.  Interestingly, Ty ordered the same exact thing Jamie got yesterday - without any prior knowledge of her order.  And yes, again we went to Hoffman's for an ice cream.  I'll be attending this facility quite a bit starting next week I can assure you.

Before the wedding I wanted to get some Survivor Diet food in me in order to resist the temptation that were to follow.  I made 4 fluke sushi hand rolls with lettuce and ate them right before we left. The wedding was at a really nice red church with an old pipe organ in Elberon.  A couple hours later the reception was at a place in Shrewsburry called Shadowbrook.  I had heard very good things about this place in the past.  Typically weddings have incredible food and this might have been a good opportunity to invoke my "Special Occasion Reward" so that I could partake in the culinary delights to come.  It would mean I would have to give up one of my other weekly rewards but I have two or three to potentially give up that I have not even used yet.

Tough to pass up
 Well, when we got there I was tempted by several things but not tempted enough to break form.  That was, until I saw the ice sculptures filled with jumbo shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell and caviar.  Hmmm.  Time to invoke?  I grabbed a plate and filled it with these delicious looking seafood items and took it back to my table.  However - - - I made a last second decision to NOT go off the diet despite this special occasion.  Pass the water please.  It was difficult to resist but I did it.  I think the sushi rolls that I made prior to the wedding did the trick - just enough to fill me up so that I had the will to resist temptation.  A pat on the back for me (from me).

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