Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 17 - Smokem If You Gottem

My stomach feels like it's back to normal again today after yesterday's issues.  I brought my lunch to work today which consisted of rice and some smoked bass.  I made nice supply of smoked fish and have more in some brining solution for the smoker tonight.  What I really like about the smoked fish is that it's like a quick snack.  I can grab a piece or two any time and just munch on it or suck on it to get the flavor.  Once a batch is done, I keep it in a zip lock bag and can simply grab a snack whenever I need a bite to eat.  I overdo it a little bit I must say.  A little more self control would keep this fish jerky around a lot longer.

bag of fish jerky
Another thing I enjoy about the smoked fish is that I have been using the parts of the fish that are normally discarded by fishermen when they clean their catch.  Pieces like the belly, the rib cage and the carcass have very good, fatty meat on them that lends itself well for the smoking process.

I had another grilled carcass or spine or whatever you want to call it - for dinner tonight and I have one more left in the fish bin in the refrigerator.  I promised myself that I would eat these parts first before indulging in the thick white meat fillets that are ready and waiting.  I find myself becoming more and more fond of the meat around the bones - especially when it is grilled up nice and crispy and coated with a honey glaze.  This meal would be a tough sell for anyone to try because it lacks your basic visual appeal.  However, for the Survivor Diet it is top notch.  Be adventurous.  Give it a try and by walking in my footsteps you may actually learn something you never knew you never knew.  I did my best to get as good looking of a photo as I could of this meal.

Long day at work Monday but when I got home I had to get the smoker prepped and ready for fish before it got too dark.  No rest on the Survivor Diet.  It's a challenge the whole way through.

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