Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 27 - Mangrove Snapper Dinner

Back to work today.  I took advantage of an odd situation at lunchtime.  The office building across the street was having a vendor sponsored cook out and they were giving away free hotdogs and hamburgers and sausage sandwiches.  I grabbed a sausage sandwich and justified it by using the 'free sample' clause of my weekly rewards.  Surviving isn't always doing it yourself.  In the city, sometimes scavenging what's available is also a good way to survive.

Tonight I had another fabulous dinner courtesy of the Florida Keys.  I unpacked two mangrove snappers that were caught last Friday (that makes it about six days) and made a delicious preparation.  Then end result was a fantastic dinner.  I did add some 'non-survivor' ingredients because I was cooking for the family.  But for the most part it was a sauteed, crispy skin snapper with asparagus.  Look how great it turned out. . .

There was enough to have leftovers for tomorrow but this is the bitter sweet end of my Florida fish.  I made it last for a solid week after I returned home but I have a feeling that when this fish is finished, I'm going to be craving grouper and snapper and yellow jack for a long time and drooling over the photos and videos.

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