Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 29 - Saturday Scavenging

This morning (Saturday) I took Jamie and Simi to the Kitchen Witch for breakfast and despite not ordering any food, I had plenty in the form of leftovers that would have gone in the trash.  On a positive note, the restaurant was hiring bus people and we talked to the manager and got Jamie a summer job right on the spot!  She was very excited.  It's not great work but for a 15 year old, any extra money is awesome.


Garden Irrigation Project

still not sick of asparagus
I took some of the leftover scraps from the girl's breakfast and brought them home for dinner.  It was a bit of an omelet, some OJ, an extra biscuit, and a few potatoes.  Perfect for dinner scraps.  I finished off the rest of a mangrove snapper sandwich from the other night as well.  Oh - and I can't forget - asparagus-a-plenty!

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