Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 31 - Monday Scavenging

Back to work today.

Brought some rice and scraps of Jamie's sushi from dinner last night.  Had the rice for breakfast.
Lunch was a few bites left from the omelet Debbie took home from KW Sunday.

I'm starting to really get into this scavenger roll.  It's very interesting how in tune you become about how much food gets tossed in the garbage every day.  I could do a long write up about that.

Sashimi pieces for pre dinner snack at work.

Cheats - Admittedly I had a small bowl of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows (twice).  I hope I don't pay the price for this indulgence - meaning a head banger.  We'll see.  Let's call it a mini experiment to see if my body can handle it.

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