Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 30 - Sunday Scavenging

After a small breakfast of asparagus and water, I played a softball game against the Monmouth Beach Fire Company.  After the game, they had a cookout at the fire house and it just so happens that they roasted a pig the night before in a caja china box.  There were some pig scrap leftovers that were going to be thrown away so I took full advantage and threw them on the grill for a nice meaty lunch.  I also scavenged a couple of Miller Lites - they weren't going to be thrown out but they were free.

Then Debbie and Simi went to KW to watch Jamie work and they had some scraps that they took home for me. So I've been living on kids garbage and scraps mostly - also asparagus and broccoli rabe.  I didn't do too much actual 'surviving' today - more like scavenging - but that has been my way of surviving as of late.  I'm not too proud of it.  But it's working.  I think I'm going to have to change my future rules to reflect some sort of better discipline when it comes to scavenging or scraps.

Slept more than normal today.  Made a big butter burger for Ty's for dinner - I have to try one of these when the SDC is over. Took Debbie and Jamie to Toki for dinner - I had water, rice and a yellowtail collar - justified by all the fish that got thrown back in Florida.  Wow - I'm 'justifying' a lot these days.  However, I must say that although I'm not following the SDC to the letter, even when I cheat I am only eating very small quantities and almost always my cheats are good survivor-like foods (beer being the exception).  The cheating stays in my mind and actually prevents me from going overboard with anything.  Particularly sweets and junk.  I've been very limiting when it comes to anything that's off the typical Survivor Diet.  In a sense - that's a good thing.  Even when the SDC is officially over, I hope to still maintain this mental guilt.

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