Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 5 AD - Slowly starting to eat normal food again

Here's my first After Diet (AD) post.  It's been 5 days.

I had a really nice Memorial Day weekend - lots of food was available but I didn't overly gorge myself on 'non-survivor' type food.  For example, I cooked up a whole mess of fluke from the previous fishing trip.  But I cooked it the way I like it.  I seasoned it, dredged in flour, egg wash (with chicken-laid eggs), and then breadcrumbs.  Then it was into a mixture of butter and canola oil for frying.  Talk about delicious.  It's hard to beat a fresh fluke fry.  (say that 5 times fast).
Shoprite had a sale on GIANT lobsters!  $4.99 per pound.  So for $35 I picked up a 7 pound lobster.  I grilled it with butter and shared it with the rest of the family.  We also had steamers and a couple nice salads.  That was the bulk of my weekend food.  The 'junk' that I ate consisted of a couple chocolate Hagen-Das bars and a couple other nibbles of cookies and other sweets - but not over the top.

more to come AD. . .

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