Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 28 AD - Day 1 MSD - Modified Survivor Diet

I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale.  It has been almost a month since the end of this year's Survivor Diet.  The scale read 185.4 pounds. 

I think that I have been doing very well with my eating habits since the end of the challenge.  I slowly started gaining a little bit hear and there but my weight has always stayed below the mark of 185.  185 is my trigger weight.  The rule that I have in place right now states that if I should go above 185 at any time, a modified Survivor Diet is triggered.  And that happened this morning!

It's Survivor Diet time again folks - a modified version.  The modified version involves all of the same rules as the original but with all rewards and extras included.  For example, I will have rice available as well as butter, spices, flour, etc.  Anything that was "rewarded" to me during the Survivor Diet is available during the modified version.

How long will this last?  You might be asking yourself.  Well, the answer is that it will last until I drop my weight below 180 pounds.  the first morning that the scale reads 179.9 or less, it's back to normal eating again.

Hopefully this system will prevent the extreme weight gains and losses that happen when normal eating resumes.   We shall see.

So. . . today I brought to work a foil pack with 3 fluke fillets seasoned with salt, pepper and the welcome new addition of fresh garden parsley and basil.  The garden is coming to life now and there are many new things available to me that were not fully grown last month.  I will update these posts regularly again until I drop below the 180 mark.

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