Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 90 AD - Confessions of a Fat Guy

Things have not been going so well lately.

Three months have gone by since the end of my Survivor Diet Challenge and the summer foods have been difficult to moderate.  I successfully complete a couple 'modified SDCs' in order to keep my weight below the 185 mark but recently I have been a slacker.  And as soon as that starts to happen, it can get out of control quickly.

This sounds more like a confessional than a log book but I thought it would be good therapy for me to write it all out.  Actually, after giving this some thought, I realized that an important step in the SDC is to document it.  By writing it down I can see more clearly what needs to be done.  It is actually a form of confession and a way to wipe the conscience clean.

I weighed in at 189 today which is about 8 pounds too heavy.  It's interesting how those extra pounds can start to wreak havoc on my system.  I have started to notice subtle changes such as waking up in the morning feeling bloated, increased gasiness, laziness and restless sleep patterns.  I'm sure an elevated blood pressure accompanies these other symptoms - not to mention increased cholesterol levels. 

In addition to the naturally growing food in the garden and the fresh seafood options, I have been over-indulging in ice cream, cookies, bread, cheese and many other culinary pleasures without regulation.  It's time to lay down the law and get back in the game.  Let today mark the day that I begin again and I will start with another modified SDC until I achieve my goal of under 180 pounds.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

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