Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 1 - Happy Earth Day

Nothing quite epitomizes the Survivor Diet Challenge as much as this photo of the dandelion:

 From a nutritional standpoint, I truly believe that you could survive on water and dandelions - if only you could get used to the taste.  Don't get me wrong - it's not terrible.  But there comes a point when you eat a certain amount of dandelion greens, that you just can't stomach any more.  I hit that point about 3 years ago.  (and haven't really recovered since)

Happy Earth Day everyone - the perfect day to kick off the Survivor Diet.  Unfortunately we have hit quite the cold spell in the weather today and it is forecast to continue through the week.  The first of many obstacles I will be facing in the next 40 days.

On the menu today are brown rice, clams, asparagus and water.  That's right - asparagus!  Wow - a new food to the SDC.  Last year the garden produced a bunch of young asparagus stalks that were tempting to eat but I was not allowed.  This year what has come up is nothing short of remarkable.  Large full asparagus stalks.  I cut 4 off for today and steamed them with my rice and clams.  There aren't that many yet so I will have to be smart about what I take from the garden.

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