Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 2 - Preparing for the Long Journey Ahead

I purchased a new (used) video camera this year and I am making an attempt at a documentary.  It's not easy.  The toughest part is narrating on camera while still trying to make it a bit entertaining and not boring.  Hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

In addition to trying to organize my documentary, I have ordered a package of bees to repopulate my bee hives.  Unfortunately my bees fell victim to the storm last October and were all killed in the flood.  I could have saved them too by placing the bee hive up on the deck of my boat.  I had no idea that the water would ever come up as high as it did though - no one did.  I am determined to start anew and hopefully learn from some of the mistakes I made with the bees last year.  I got a little honey from them late in the summer but it really takes about 2 seasons to start to reap the rewards of the honey bees.  So although I am getting bees again (tomorrow in fact), I don't expect there to be any honey for the Survivor Diet.  I am planning for the future (just like the asparagus).

Next on my agenda is to explore the many uses of a kite.  Sound strange? read on.
I bought a kite for the kids some time ago and it has been in the garage ever since.  It's a big delta kite - about 7 feet wide.  I have been doing a lot of online research about using kites in a variety of fishing situations as well as for aerial photography.  I plan on trying to use it for both - kite aerial photography fishing.  Stay tuned for that.  I am excited to see where this leads.

Today is April 23rd and clamming season is over in a week so I either need to stock up on a bunch or start finding other food sources.  In addition, Blackfish season also ends at the end of the month so I am slightly limited in that area.  Fluke season doesn't begin until May 18th this year.  Strange cross-over seasons for these fish species.  I will have to wait a while to put the Wonder Rig into action for fluke in the river but I'm sure I will get some after the 18th.  That leaves striped bass and bluefish.  Fortunately, the reports for striped bass have been really good so far and I will be trying to catch one tomorrow afternoon if the weather cooperates in the afternoon.

Throughout Day 2 I have been drinking water to stay hydrated because I am fully aware of the headache that is about to come.  This is the detox headache and it is almost unavoidable.  Hopefully I can dull its power a bit by not adding dehydration to the equation.  The headache has started and is very dull but consistent right now.  I am off from work tomorrow but have a lot planned so I hope I am not incapacitated.

My meals today consisted of water, rice, about six clams and one asparagus.  I have not had hunger pangs but I have caught myself a few times reaching for some food or drink item left out in the open.  I quickly remember my quest and it is enough to refrain from eating non-survivor food.  Green food in the form of plant life is going to be hard to come by right now so I am going to have to suck it up and eat some dandelions tomorrow.  I'll also look for some violets to balance out the bitter taste of the dandelions.
Overall it was a bit of a boring day at work but I'm sure tomorrow will yield some quality photos and video.

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