Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 26 - Wonderful Weakfish

Getting through the workday this Friday was difficult and stressful for some reason.  I baked another small bread loaf at work and that helped me get through it.  This was perhaps the best bread yet - not sure why but I did let it sit out for a while before baking.  Maybe this help let it rise and get airy.   I have been anticipating the start of fluke season (tomorrow) for several days now.  I went back to Pat's house again to collect some more killies for bait and I finally get a decent amount - still quite small.

After work, I had a lot of food preparation to do in the form of smoking all of the brined striped bass and cooking up the weakfish for dinner.  It was a long process but everything turned out great and I had officially the best meal of the SDC so far in 2013.

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