Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 37 - The Coming of Junk Food

In a few short days I will be finished with the 2013 Survivor Diet Challenge!  Ya-Hooooo!  I have been Jones-ing for some junk food - big time.  I am a little fearful of the Day After and I came up with a plan today to try to limit myself.  What I am going to try is to select ONE type of junk food and have only that for a month - then switch over to another type the following month.  Yes, I can basically have as much as I want but this idea, I am hoping, will accomplish a few things.

First off - it will satisfy my craving for sweets.  Second - it will limit my sweet intake to only one type instead of a free for all.  Third - it will quite possibly make me completely sick of one particular sweet indulgence to the point of maybe not wanting it again for a LONG time.  Forth - I will have something to look forward to at the turn of each month - a new treat.

Here's the plan (thanks to Jamie and her friends Isa and Corrine):
  • June - Ice Cream
  • July - M&M's
  • August - Italian Ice (questionable at this time - may be substituted)
  • September - Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • October - Donuts - specifically Apple Cider
  • November (and including October 31st) - Brownies/Chocolate Cake

We had fun making this list today - I could see the girls really getting involved with the plan.  They even looked at the times of year and the seasons (and my birthday) and tried to coordinate the best types of sweets for the occasions.  We decided to stop after November because, as they said, no one should be restricted of sweets the month of Christmas (an Jamie's birthday).  Ha!

That's the plan - for now.  6 months is a LONG time but I think I can do it.  Ice cream next week!  Heaps and heaps of it - OMG!

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