Sunday, April 22, 2018

Day 14 - Finally Friday

Weight 182.8
BP 131/89

My weight has been hovering around the 182 mark pretty steadily this whole week which is what I had expected.  I haven't had even the slightest sign of a headache since that second day - this is reason enough alone for me to do the SDC indefinitely.  My BP is slightly better but I'm going to have to incorporate some type of exercise routine in order to see better results there.  Overall I feel quite good without suffering any feelings of starvation.  There's a reasonable amount of food available to me - it's just difficult to eat the same things day after day and still be excited about it.  Variety is definitely needed but my upcoming trip is keeping my spirits up in anticipation of some different than normal foods stuff.

I had a short day at work today which gave me time to clean and brine all of those trout - a very tedious process.  I cooked up two of them for lunch and dinner and it was finally nice to add some butter and spice to my meals.  I also got my first decent pick of asparagus from the garden.  There are quite a few coming up now and should continue to be plentiful for the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, if history tells me anything, if I over indulge on the asparagus then I will be completely sick of them in another week.  That's why I have been so grateful for the broccoli rabe plant that has produced so much green food nutrition for me up to this point.  It has allowed me to not have to eat dandelion greens at all - although I know deep down that these are the best for me in so many ways.

Trout Butter Asparagus = Dinner

I made some more plans for my trip with dad next week.  We lined up some fishing guides to take us out and show us the ropes in how to catch some decent food fish on the reefs.  I just hope the weather is cooperative.  My mom was able to get a comp room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ft Lauderdale for our last night which will save us a few hundred dollars more (unless I gamble it away in the casino).  Who knows - maybe I'll win and be able to finance the entire trip by gambling.  Fat chance - but you never know. . .

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