Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 11 - The need for green

Got on the scale this morning and it read 179.  Down 11 pounds from my 190 starting point.  So that's 11 pounds in 11 days.  Interesting.  I'm not really intent on losing a bunch of weight with this diet and about 175 is as low as I really want to go.  I figure if I go to 175 then after I stop the diet I will probably put back on about 5-10 pretty easily.  So my target weight is ideally somewhere between 180-185.

That being said, I am going to have to figure out how to stay on this diet til the end - without losing any more weight (once I hit 175ish).  Hmmm.  Another challenge. 
Perhaps I will add a few chocolate covered strawberries to my daily dessert. (See - I just can't let that go from yesterday)  I might have to add something - it should be healthy.  It should be something survivorish.  And it should help keep the weight on.  Any ideas?

Remember I mentioned a few cheats that I have had since I started?  I do feel a little guilty about that.  It really wasn't much.  Just a few little bites of things here and there.  Well, in exchange, I gave up my sushi lunch luxury reward this week.  I REALLY look forward to that too.  And I haven't seen my sushi guy since I gave him that big fish.  I'll go back there next week.  So I hope that eases my guilt a bit from my bad behavior - that's my penance.

For breakfast/lunch today I cooked up a little fish before work.  So I was up cooking fish fillets at 5:45 in the morning.  I figured out a great way to quickly cook some bass pieces that come out so tender and delicious.  After cleaning all the fish I made several sections that I can use like rations.  I had a piece this morning that I cut up into little 'nuggets,' for lack of a better word.  I did this before I cooked them, heated some butter in a pan, seasoned with sea salt and pepper, then seared each nugget on each side.  It was similar to how I cook scallops - getting that nice caramelized crust on the outside yet moist and tender on the inside.  It's fast and it's delicious.  Of course Ty loves it too so I'm luck to get half of what I cook when he's lurking about.  I brought some of my fish nuggets to work and I picked on them throughout the day.

I think I'm done with steamers for a while.  I bit into one yesterday that had this hard, grittiness inside one piece.  Not only did I fear breaking a tooth but it just turned me off from them all together for a while.  I still have some larger cherrystons in the fridge and I'm sure they will be fine for another couple days.  There is only about one more week left for clamming season before it is illegal so I'll probably get back out there once more to stock up on some of the cherrystones if I can.

Protein, protein, protein.  That's all I've been eating lately.  I need some more diversity and I need some more green veggies.  So later today I am going to do some foraging a pick myself a big salad.  I'll have a fish salad for dinner.  Sound good?

"Don't measure yourself by what you haven't accomplished - but by what you plan to accomplish."

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  1. You definitely need greens, and we have plenty of them. I will weed my garden when I get home and you'll have a nice dandelion mustard garlic salad.