Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 4 - Blogs?

I finally caught up to my blog.  Isn't 'blog' a stupid word?  I still don't fully understand it.  What's even the point of all this blogging.  Nobody knows or cares that I'm even doing this.  Well, I suppose I'll just call it a personal log to document my experiences - for me.

Had to get up at 5 today for work.  I guess I'll be skipping the photo session on Thursdays.  And breakfast too for that matter.
  I put some brown rice, that I cooked last night, in a container to take to work.  I left a little bag of sea salt at work so I can use that for seasoning.  I have been periodically snacking on some rice here and there.  Not feeling overwhelmingly hungry though - that's good.

Initial weather report for this weekend is not looking too optimistic for fishing.  Not good.  Somehow or another I need to get out on the water and at least give it a try.


  1. blog is actually come from inner talk between microsoft staffs. they refer it to web log. then they joke around or someone accidentlly type it together weblog and someone read it as we blog. then, elimitely we lately. people now call it blog, but it original as web log.
    not very organizing talk, hope clear the cloud in the air for you (ummm, for me too):)

  2. Thanks (whoever you are)
    I always wondered that - now it totally makes sense.