Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 26 DP – The birth of Online Survivor? We'll see. . .

Day 24 and 25 were accidentally erased by this Blogger website.  Hopefully they will return.  I did a lot of typing and posted a lot of photos - crap.  I'll give it another day before re-posting.

I woke up this morning and thought I would check for eggs in the chicken pen before going to work.  Well wouldn’t you know it – one of the chickens was out and about in my backyard.  The cats had her under control though.  She wasn’t going anywhere.  And when I opened the gate to the pen, she walked right in – no coaxing needed.  But how did it get out again?  I did even more reinforcing of the walls, the gate and the fishing line across the top today.  I’d like to see one try to escape now! 
No eggs.
Crafty little bird!
I made a nice little dinner last night.  I had that bag of fish fins and bellies in the fridge and I seasoned them and tossed them on the grill.  I’ve said this before but these are the fish parts that are most often discarded by fishermen when they are cleaning the fillets off of their catch.  However, these parts of the fish have some of the sweetest, whitest and most delicious meat – you just have to know how to get to it.
After grilling these parts, the white meat just fell off the bones.  I put it all in a bowl with some rice and mixed in a little butter and rice seasoning – wow – what a dinner!  Then I used some spinach leaves and wrapped it up in the leaves like a fish taco.  It was enough food that I actually got full and I saved the rest for breakfast this morning.  Just heated it up in a pan and I was good to go.
fins and fish bellies all grilled up
my concoction of fish and rice
I will be trying to catch another bass this weekend but the weather is not supposed to be very nice.  Scattered thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday.  I was thinking about going after work today but I have a softball game tonight.   Probably not going to happen.
I never did go to the market for my week 3 reward – basket of veggies of my choice.  I haven’t quite got these “rewards” down just yet.  I watched Survivor again last night and there were people that got a food reward which was a three course meal served to them.  They had pepperoni pizza, drinks, cakes and other desserts, etc.  They pigged out and then regretted it afterwards (maybe).  I try to think of rewards that are Survivor Appropriate – yet practical.  I want it to be a treat or something to look forward to.  A reward for surviving the week.
On the show they have competitions and the winners get rewarded.  I haven’t thought of any competitions for rewards but if this catches on and other people get involved, this might be a fun thing to consider. 
We could have an “Online Survivor” where people who want to be on Survivor all have to join and write in about their days (like this blog) to show what they have been doing to survive.  We could have polls to have contestants voted in/out based on their stories and what they have been doing.  Then we could somehow have rewards and competitions between the remaining people - online.  Hey – I could be on to something here.  Visitors to the website could vote so it would be the general objective public – like on American Idol.  Maybe it could be called Online Survivor or just keep the name Survivor Diet Challenge.  How can I create and promote this idea so that it actually works?  Does anyone know Jeff Probst or the producers of Survivor?  Wait – last year I had a past Survivor contestant following my blog.  That’s where I’ll start.  You heard it here first folks!  Nobody steal my idea.  Ok.


  1. It's me! Betsy! How can you have NO comments on this blog!!! This is just so amazing.. Give me a few days to work on first job is to send it to ALL 300 past contestants and see where that leads..I'll work on Probst later...this flips me out...UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  2. If anyone else reads this...I was Survivor Samoa..not that I'm bragging..that's why I have 300 email s of past contestants....

  3. Thanks for the comment Betsy!!!
    There's hope yet. . .