Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 29 DP - Gourmet Monday

Back to the grind at work today.  I had bunch of food ideas on my mind from my latest catch.  For breakfast I had 2 sushi bass rolls mixed with fresh greens that are finally popping out of my garden.  Ya-Hoo!  I also received another small gift from my chickens today - I'm planning on using the two eggs I have acquired in my fish preparation for dinner.

I had a weigh in today and I am at 183 pounds down from 202 at the start.  That's 19 pounds lost in 29 days.  My weight loss has significantly slowed in the past 2 weeks but it's still coming off and I expected that to happen.

Back to food - Rather than go on and on with writing, I took a bunch of photos today of my food options.  I made some nice looking dishes for lunch and tried something new for dinner.  I find that it always helps when I try to make food visually appealing as well. Read on. . .

Lunch: Bass sashimi with broccoli florets, endive and sashimi salad

Half of my rice remains.  Still have a double chin though.
This is what's left of my butter supply

fish and skin strips laid out on drying rack for jerky

onto the smoker grill

then into the dehydrator
Debbie bought be a gift - a 3 tier sprout grower thingy

in go the seeds - check back in 5 days

A survivor's luxury appliances

Dinner: Egg dipped, sauteed striped bass fillets

Lightly salted, coated in egg whites, sauteed in butter

until brown

Sauce made from butter, egg yolks, fish stock

Add a fresh endive salad and some broccoli florets

A dinner to be proud of

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

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