Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 32 DP - SDC Update

Today I was busy at work for the majority of the day and it helped to take my mind off of food.  I managed to finish up my fish jerky after trying to make it last as long as possible.  So that's all gone.  I have one more piece of fresh bass fillet that I will have to use very soon.  I also have the fins and bellies that I need to grill but it has been raining non stop at night - I just haven't had the opportunity.  I don't want to lose those pieces - I will try again tomorrow.

There's still a decent amount of rice.  The chickens are BOTH laying an egg a day now.  Although one of them doesn't quite have the concept of the 'nest' yet.  I have 3 eggs saved up and it looks like I'll be having scrambled eggs for breakfast in the morning with two of them.  The garden is producing a regular amount of endive and kale and broccoli leaves with some lettuce popping slowly.  There is a nice big patch of strawberries coming up but that's not going to be ready for another few weeks.  My garden did not really help too much with the Survivor Diet - I can't say I wasn't warned though.  Planting before the last frost is not really going to produce much.  A late summer SDC may be better for gardening.  I just started seeing some bean plants coming up and a couple zucchinis but just like the strawberries, they won't be ready for a while yet.  I didn't eat any more beans so I think I'll just eliminate the bean ration from future challenges.

That's a quick update on my progress.  I must say that ever since I got those nice two striped bass, things have really been looking up.  I honestly don't have a HUGE craving for that Megaburger reward.  That surprises me a lot.  I thought I would be seriously needing some red meat right about now.  I may try my hand at some crabbing this weekend if the weather is amenable. 

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

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