Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 12 - Keeping Busy

As planned I had two softball games starting at 9:00 and going all the way until 1:30.  By the end of the second game I was really out of energy.  All I had this morning was a glass of water and some smoked bluefish.  After getting home, I got to work on the smoker grill and dried out the fillets.  I tried to keep these piece a bit larger this time - we'll see how they turn out.  My plan was to get the wood chip really going well and then putting the fish on before going to Lavallete for a few hours.  Hopefully the heat inside the grill is not too intense that it cooks or burns my fish while I'm gone.

After returning in the early evening I immediately check the grill and everything looked good.  It was a success!  This batch of fish came just in time and will allow me to stockpile a bit for the beginning of the workweek.  I can't totally rely on smoked fish though.  I also have to start being better about my rice and beans rations - I'm going a little overboard with the rice - using it to fill in whenever I'm hungry.  Remembering from last year, I got so tired of rice and beans mid way through the diet that I didn't even come close to finishing them.  As a matter of fact, the rice ration that I am using right now is the rest of the rice left over from last year!  It was stashed in the cupboard an it's still good.  Waste not, want not.  So I'll finish up this container full and then I'll refill mid way up the side for the remainder of this challenge.  That is, if I need it.

I was tempted by my dad's grilled London Broil, asparagus and egg noodles but I sat there and watched everyone else enjoy it.  It was not too difficult - and I did give the steak a little taste. Ha!

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