Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 10 - Start up the Smoker

I've let a few days pass before sitting down for a minute to write these next few posts.  Day 10 is a Friday and my last day of work for the week.  As usual, weekdays are difficult so planning is key.  I have the bluefish slices marinading and they should be ready for the smoker grill later tonight.

For lunch I had set aside a piece of fish to make my traditional beans and rice mash with broiled bluefish on top.  I have this for most of my meals when I catch fish and then I have been able to supplement that with some steamed greens from the garden.  Sorry if I sound like a broken record but so far this is all I've really had to eat.  Once the fishing starts to pick up I don't have much use for clams.  The meat I get from fish is much more substantial.  Clams are still nice for variety and different tastes though.  I haven't had any clams since I got the butter reward - now that's a good pairing.

Smoked Bluefish and rice
Steamed Swiss Chard
 After work I got the smoker going and did a fairly good job with the bluefish strips.  This should add another component of flavor to my diet which is desperately needed.  You can't eat too much of the smoked stuff though before getting sick of it.  So I will have to try to temper my appetite for it a bit.

Saturday morning I have made plans to get my boat back from Pat's house and we combined it with a river fishing trip bright and early.  Brian is going to come along as well so hopefully between the three of us we should catch something.

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