Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 16 - Burnt to a Crisp

I decided that I would start to get ready for the weekend of fishing today by baiting and setting my killie trap first thing in the morning.  I will plan to check it each day a couple times a day in order to cull out the little killies in favor of the big ones.  I think the big ones are much better bait for the fluke I am after.  We'll see if my diligence pays off.
The sweet figs have been a huge bonus this week.  I love them - the only problem being that I can't stop gorging myself on them.
I tell myself I will only have one, no, two at a time and then I keep going back for more.  It's a big bag but it's only a matter of time until they are gone.  And I'm not even half way finished.  Rationing is going to be very important - especially with something sweet.  It is difficult to resist.  I feel my will power slipping away and once you start down that dark and lonely path, there's no return.  I will try to be strong and stay focused.

I had a little mishap at dinner tonight.  I put a piece of fish into the toaster over and then I got distracted and forgot that I put it there.  Guess what happened?  After clearing the smoke and turning off the fire alarm I pulled out my severely charred piece of fish.  It was certainly crispy. I ate it.

Whoops!  Last piece of fish - burned to a crisp.
 In addition I started making use of my nori and rice and made a couple hand rolls.  I made them look nicer by including some yellow kale flowers and sweeter by adding some sliced figs - but I gotta tell you, without the soy sauce and wasabi, the sushi rolls are just not the same.

Suvivor Sushi

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