Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 19 - Burgers and Beer - What the hell???

Broiled fluke for breakfast today.
Get used to this photo - you will see it a lot!
 Softball Sunday morning.  2 games were scheduled but because of the NJ Marathon one got cancelled.  I rode my bike to Little Silver in the morning to get to my game and we played very well to beat the Rumson Fire Dept.  After the game, the team went over to the Little Silver Fire Dept and fired up the grill and opened up the bar.  I'd like to say I was a good survivor diet participant and politely declined the offer of cheeseburgers and beer but, in fact, I was NOT! 
Shame on me!  I sat there and pigged out on cheeseburgers and had a couple beers.  I'd like to say they were the best burgers ever and the beer was spectacular but I can not.  They were typical picnic style burgers and keg beer and I regret every second of it now.  But at the time I just couldn't stop myself!  It was food.  It was free.  I was HUNGRY!  I lost ALL of my will power - right out the old window.

Guess what this means folks?  See Official Guidelines - bottom of the page, section about the weekly rewards and Special Occasion Rewards.  It pains me to say this but I must punish myself and invoke a "Special Occasion Reward" for this misstep.  I must give up, yes, the MEGABURGER!  This is total shit!  One moment of weakness and I have lost one of the most cherished moments of the SDC for me.

After cleaning all of the fluke from Saturday I took some of the sashimi grade fin meat and made a few sushi hand rolls.

Fluke sushi hand rolls

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