Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 20 - The Hive has Arrived

Back to work - Monday.  I am fully stocked with beautiful fluke fillets for the week and I'll probably try to catch some more on Wednesday if the weather is good.  I had so much that, instead of freezing it I decided to give some away to my co-workers.  I hope I don't regret that.  They will really enjoy it though - and I will catch more - right?
Guess what FINALLY arrived in the mail today after I got home from work? 
That's right - - - the Bee Hive!  In the evening I unpacked it and read some of the instructions and I will finally get to load the bees - tomorrow before work.  I just hope that enough of them have survived in order for the colony to thrive.  I have been spraying them with a sugar/water syrup that I made and from what I can see there is a nice big bundle of live bees still present.
Package of Bees
 Other than that, not too much excitement this Monday.  I'm looking forward to reward Wednesday of eggs and bread.  Oh - on a weight loss note - 20 days in and my weight has somewhat stabilized.  I lost about 15 pounds thus far which is only a pound or two less than a week ago.  It seems as though the pounds drop off quickly at the start (probably all the toxins and crap) and then once I start a healthy, pure, natural diet - my body knows to stabilize.  Water is the ONLY thing I have had to drink.  I have been balancing my diet between proteins (fish and clams), garden greens (still producing more and more) and rice - with the occasionally mashed beans thrown in.  My reward of a big bag of figs is just about GONE!  So much for rationing that for a long time.  I do think that was a better reward than a block of chocolate though.  The figs really gave me that sweet boost that I was missing.  Now I will miss them.  I still have more than half of my butter left - I have been using more since catching the fluke because you need butter with broiled fish - yummy.  The nori sheets are still abundant - haven't used too many especially since I have not had too much rice lately - but I did make a couple meals out of sashimi fluke, nori and rice.  Very tasty.  It really could use a little soy sauce and wasabi though.

Look at all of this fluke!  It was a big job to fillet it all but when it is done properly there is not much waste and it is a very delicious fish to eat.

Fluke for a while.

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