Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 26 - Mother's Day

Sunday - Mother's Day.  Went down to Lavallette to visit with Mom.  As usual there was plenty of food available there.  I was pretty good though - staying true to the SDC.  I even dipped a bunch of strawberries in chocolate for mom as a gift. 

It's probably obvious but I'm just not that into writing this blog this time around.  I'll catch up when I can but it is definitely lacking.  If there is anyone out there in internet land reading any of this stuff, I wouldn't know it anyway.  So it's tough to maintain it when there is no audience.  I suppose I am doing it mainly for myself - so when my future self reads this some time in the future you can see how lazy I have gotten going from last year to this year.  Sorry.  I'm a bit hungry and cranky.

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