Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 28 - Four Weeks In

Weight: 183.4

I didn't take any photos today - sorry.  Here's a quick summary.  I made some scrambled eggs with asparagus for breakfast.  I took Jamie out to lunch for sushi and ate her leftovers (not much).

I only had a half day at work so I spent a lot of time cleaning out my truck which was a complete mess.  For dinner, the family enjoyed a sushi meal delivered to our home and I enjoyed the deep fried snapper collars (truly the last of the Florida fish).  I do have some video of this that I will post after I edit it.

I've still been trying to keep up with the live clams that I have in a cooler in the garage. I cleaned out the dirty water again today and there were four dead clams.  The others seem to be surviving ok but I have to admit I am a little sceptical about eating these clams.  I think I'll give them another day or so and then decide whether to eat them or release them.

Other than that, a pretty normal Friday.  Jamie's friend Simi is staying with us for the weekend and we played a lot of card games at night.  No real weekend plans coming up.

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