Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 24 - Back to the grind

Weight 183.8

With all of the activity and eating and drinking I've done over the past few days on my mini vacation, I've only added about 2 pounds!  That's amazing.  Actually, I'm pretty amazing because I didn't stray too far off the SDC and believe me, I was tempted to many times.  But when you continue to eat fresh, local foods in moderation and stay away from the crap, it's not that difficult.
Back to the daily grind at work again today.  I got my sleep in yesterday and I feel refreshed today - especially knowing that I have several days worth of delicious fish waiting for me at home.  I didn't mention this in earlier posts but I also managed to take home four small lobster tails along with my fish.  I'm going to get creative with the next few meals and try not to add too many 'extras' in the way of sauces or seasonings.  I have a lot of photos and videos to go through from the past few days and I have more to make as I prepare new meals.

This is when I get excited during my Survivor Diet.  I love getting past the first few weeks (lots of struggle) and then finding my groove.  This year my groove included a short trip to Florida and a lot of new and exciting food is on the menu.
Lobster tail and Mangrove Snapper fillets

Ready for the broiler

Asparagus thriving

Broccoli Rabe end game

An amazing SDC meal!
This was one of the most delightful meals I have ever had during any SDC.  I mean really - how can you beat this?  Delicious fresh greens from the garden - just picked, lobster and snapper that were swimming just days ago, lightly seasoned and perfectly broiled with butter over rice.  If I could have this every night for dinner I probably would. (Well, for the next few nights I actually will) Stay tuned.

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