Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 34 - Clam Testing

Weight 182 - no significant negative effects from binge eating free food yesterday.

Asparagus for lunch
Asparagus for dinner
picked on the chicken scraps and garbage that the kids were about to toss to the dog.  Now that's surviving!

Oh - and I ate my first clam of the SDC this year.  It's been living in my aerated cooler for about a month.  I was a bit sceptical about eating it.  I did one tester clam to see if it was going to be good or gross and I was pleasantly surprised that it was good.  No sand or grit or clam poo.  These clams have been purging for weeks and many are still alive in the cooler.  I've changed the water many times and each time there have been some dead ones so I don't really know how much I can trust them.  I'll see if there are any side effects from eating this one.  If not, I'll try some more if I have the desire.

Cheats - a few sips of birch beer (don't have the will power to resist my favourite soda), one strawberry, one glass of wine.

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