Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 14 - Mushrooms in the Future?

Storms all morning today.  Doesn't matter much because it's a workday.  Same old same old for my meals - sorry to be so boring but I'm trying.  This is the end of my second week and I will be entitled to a reward tomorrow.  Because these are my rules I can change them as I see fit - since no one else has decided to take on the SDC with me.  Anyway - I have been giving my weekly rewards some more thought and have made some changes.  Hopefully for the better.

Instead of the chocolate bar previously planned, my week 2 reward will be a pack of nori and a bag of dried figs.  Both of these are very healthy and natural alternative.  Nori is the seaweed sheets that is used for sushi rolls.  This will provide for me that additional nourishment from this vegetable and will give me another way to eat my rice and fish.  The figs will give me fiber and also the sweetness that I have been missing oh so much.  I must be crazy giving up a big dark brick of chocolate but I truly believe that these other items are a well earned and much needed substitute.  I also changed my week 3 reward.  Read about it in the Official Guidelines if interested.

At work today I had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Schindler who is a big Boy Scout at heart!  He started teaching me about mushrooms last fall and I actually found one on my own in the woods that was edible.  It was called a Hen of the Woods mushroom and it was delicious when I paired it with fresh blackfish in a buttery cream sauce.  So good.

Anyway - today he informed me that this may be a good time of year to search for some Morels!  These odd looking wild mushrooms are supposed to be the cream of the crop and it would be amazing to find some.  So that's on my agenda for tomorrow if the weather holds up long enough to let me do some searching.  We'll see.

I've had a revitalized charge in the SDC this week and I'm looking forward to my reward tomorrow as well as the potential for morel mushrooms.  It's also opening day of fluke season on May 5th so this Saturday may give me a chance at yet another delicious species of fish prevalent to our waters.

As a quick weight loss update, I have lost 14 pounds in 14 days.  That's about on track with last year and the year before.  So it seems everything is normal and moving along nicely.  I feel great.  My medium sized t-shirts are starting to fit again.  My jeans are all falling off of me and my belt loops have dropped one notch so far.

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